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30 Nov 2018

Understanding Townsville Land Estates & Covenants

Designing and building your new home in Townsville should be exciting and fun!  The Jazz Homes New Home Design team aim to make this as easy as possible, and an enjoyable and rewarding experience!  

The friendly and knowledgeable team can advise you in all areas of building new homes in Townsville.  From deposit and lending advice to first home buyer advice, choosing your land, as well as beautiful and functional home design; the Jazz Homes team can also give you information on Townsville land estates and covenants.

What are covenants?

Well, in a nutshell, covenants are the rules or guidelines you must f30ollow for new home construction or altering a property. They are different to building codes.

Covenants will usually include requirements for the following areas:

  • Size of the home built
  • Exterior requirements, such as no-step entries or porch/portico sizes
  • Energy Ratings
  • Allowable external materials used, including paint colour selections
  • Building setbacks (how far/close you can build to the boundary of your block)
  • Driveway, Fencing & Landscaping requirements/standards

Covenants are monitored and enforced by the land developer, but builders are required to submit plans and home/landscaping specification details to the land developer for approval before building work can commence.

If owners are completing their own landscaping, they will still need to draw a basic landscaping plan to be provided to the developer.  You will need to draw in where any garden beds will be installed and how many/what plants will be used. Even if you will be doing your own landscaping, we can help you with the drawing of your landscape plan, taking away any stress.

When designing your home and preparing your quote, the Jazz Townsville residential home design team will take all (if any) covenant requirements into consideration and ensure that your design and floor plan  will satisfy any necessary covenant requirements.

Contact our highly experienced new home design team today, for an obligation-free appointment.

Robyn MacElroy
Robyn MacElroy - Jazz Homes Sales Manager & Design ConsultantPhone: 0400 551 901
Belinda Jennings
Belinda Jennings - Jazz Homes Design ConsultantPhone: 0400 876 178

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