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20 Jun 2018

Top projects for Townsville Region

As one of the most respected Townsville new home builders, Jazz Homes works with a variety of clients, from Owner-Occupiers, First Home Buyers to new and seasoned Property Investors. The recent reports of jobs growth and infrastructure growth in the region are welcome and it is expected to stimulate the established, new home & rental real estate markets.

Reported funding grants have been awarded to a number of future Townsville & North Queensland projects which will work to secure and improve the region’s economy.

20th July 2018 the Townsville Bulletin has reported that a $516 Million loan from NAIF to Stage 2 of the Genex Kidston Solar Project. Once completed, it is expected to be the largest Solar project in the Southern Hemisphere, with the ability to integrate with the Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project. This solar project will have the capacity to power up to 143, 014 homes.

Other recent reports detail positive job growth in Townsville. Specifically, 11,900 jobs were created in Townsville in the 12months prior to February 2018. This is the same amount of jobs created as in Brisbane, which has a population greater than 10 times that of Townsville.

Townsville Mayor, Jenny Hill attended the BIO International Convention with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in Boston in early June 2018. At the convention, Cr Hill signed an agreement between the TC council and Imperium3, which has been considered the next crucial step to establishing the $2 billion battery manufacturing plant at Woodstock in Townsville. The Battery Plant could create up to 1000 direct jobs.

Further to these, in an extract from the Townsville Bulletin online edition dated 04/04/2018, Economist Colin Dwyer said Townsville’s economy and the workforce is improving.

Mr Dwyer said DS Economics had calculated the total number of approved construction projects in the Townsville region would inject an estimated $4.3 billion into the economy. These projects would create about 7686 direct jobs.

In addition, there are about 40 potential or partially approved construction jobs that could create more than 8000 jobs. Analysis of these projects by DS Economics found there would be a growing need for civil engineers, project managers, diesel fitters, MC truck drivers, mining, marketing and communications skilled workers in Townsville.

Mr Dwyer said the year ahead was looking “more promising” than any of the past five years for workers.

Whilst it is considered that Townsville “still has a ways to go” in improving the unemployment rate, we are seeing quality signs that point to more positive economic growth and stability in the Townsville region.

If you are looking for a new home in Townsville or a Townsville investment property, please contact our team on 1300 805 255 or to book an appointment with one of our friendly New Home Design Consultants.


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